toyota supplier diversity

Meet the Team

Chuck Hendrix
Senior Manager

Oversees the Manufacturing and Sales Divisions; Building of TOYOTA’s Supplier Diversity Processes; Development of Diverse Companies; WBEC-South Board Vice-Chair; Organizations: AIG, BDR, NBL

Stephanie Burton

Internal Strategy Development; Development of Diverse Companies; Power of Exchange & Opportunity Exchange; Organizations: AIG, BDR; Driving Impact – a Toyota/Adient Business Model

Timothy Yamada

Internal Diversity Strategy Development – Financial Services; Development of Diverse Companies; Organizations: Disability: IN, NGLCC, WBC-Southwest, WBEC West, DallasFortWorth MSDC; Toyota Mentorship Program for Small and Diverse Businesses

Erin Caudill

Tier I Reporting & Activities; Power of Exchange & Opportunity Exchange; Organizations: NMSDC, NVBDC, Great Lakes WBC, Michigan MSDC, Southwest MSDC, Southern Region MSDC, WBEC South, WBEA, APACC and MHCC

Adrina Walker

Tier II Program Management; Power of Exchange & Opportunity Exchange; Newsletter and Social Media Management; Organizations: WBENC, Mid-States MSDC, TriState MSDC, WBEC-ORV, CAMSC, WBE Canada

Alyssa Kirkopoulos

Power of Exchange; Opportunity Exchange; Execution of the Team’s Sponsored Events