toyota supplier diversity

Diverse Business Education

Session 1: 

Session Title | Doing The Research, Knowing Your Customer       Session Host | Sahar Haque     

Session Guests | Paige Adams, PepsiCo; Brittany Stovall, Assured Quality Systems


Session 2: 

Session Title | Follow-up, Position Yourself for Success       Session Host | Stephanie Burton   

Session Guests | Christie Wong Barrett, MacArthur Corporation; Logan Wick, OutBranding Promos


Session 3: 

Session Title | Refining your Approach: How Best to Say It      Session Host | Chuck Hendrix

Session Guests | Angela Henderson, Ford Motor Company; Reggie Humphrey, General Motors; Michael Bracey, Honda Motors North America


Session 4: 

Session Title | Using the Toyota Exchanges App to Maximize Connections     Session Hosts | Alyssa Kirkopoulos & Erin Caudill