toyota supplier diversity

Tier I Supplier Education

Click on the links below to listen to each Audio Education Session.


Session 1: 

Session Title | Tier II Reporting       Session Hosts | Erin Caudill, Adrina Walker, Taylor Young

Session 2: 

Session Title | Best Practices 1 & 2: Executive Commitment     Session Host | Chuck Hendrix

Session Guests | Nalini Bates, P&G; Raul Suarez-Rodriguez, Merck

Session 3: 

Session Title | Best Practice #4: Identifying Opportunities    Session Host | Randy Anderson

Session Guests | Sherry Diccion, Adient; Jason Reyes, Reyes Automotive Group

Session 4: 

Session Title | Using the Toyota Exchanges App to Maximize Connections    Session Hosts | Alyssa Kirkopoulos & Erin Caudill