toyota supplier diversity

Supplier Resources | Helping Diverse Suppliers Realize Their Fullest Potential

Toyota relies on supplier partners for a significant portion of our company’s operational and service support. That’s why we’re committed to doing more than simply helping certified diverse companies engage with Toyota.

Our supplier diversity processes provide diverse-owned businesses with the professional growth opportunities, expert guidance, and capacity development resources they need for economic viability and long-term sustainability in the marketplace. Examples include:

  • Technical and Managerial Assistance | Current diverse Tier I Suppliers have access to the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC) where they can develop skills that enable them to implement elements of the Toyota Production System (TPS) into their organizations.
  • Site Visits | Toyota members spend time at current diverse Tier I Supplier’s facilities to analyze strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies for sustainable growth as an outcome.
  • Scholarships | Educational opportunities available for Toyota’s current diverse Tier I Suppliers through the Kellogg Executive Education programs or Tuck Executive programs.
  • Mentoring Programs | Our programs connect diverse business owners with the insight and guidance of other successful diverse businesses and members of Toyota and/or other corporations.
  • Supplier Development Events | Forums such as Opportunity Exchange facilitate meaningful connections between diverse companies and Toyota’s Tier I Suppliers seeking specific business needs.
  • Education and Professional Development | Sessions presented during Toyota’s Opportunity Exchange provide diverse companies with ideas, success stories, and practical resources to help enhance their company’s competitive advantage and viability.
  • Advocates for Supplier Diversity | Through leadership and engagement with national and regional certifying councils, Toyota assists with developing diverse companies and benchmarking with other corporations to advance supplier diversity.

We’re dedicated to developing long-term relationships with our suppliers, built on open communications and mutual respect. This approach allows the Toyota Supplier Diversity Team to more quickly recognize and respond with assistance when our suppliers encounter challenges in their own business operations.