toyota supplier diversity

Supplier Resources

Teaming up with supplier networks that reflect Toyota’s diverse lens is essential to creating a future of mobility for all. It’s a critical component of being able to provide a wide array of products  for our wide array of market needs — and a reason Toyota is an automotive leader among culturally diverse consumers.

Toyota relies on supplier partners for a significant portion of our company’s operational and service support. That’s why we are committed to not just helping minorities and WBEs engage with Toyota, but also providing the support and resources our suppliers need for long-term sustainability in the marketplace. Our supplier diversity processes include services, events and initiatives that provide minority and WBE suppliers with business growth opportunities as well as capacity development to ensure they remain competitive and positioned for growth and economic viability. We develop long-term relationships with our suppliers, built on open communications and mutual respect. This approach allows us to recognize and respond when a supplier encounters challenges in their own business operations.

Toyota’s supplier diversity processes include resources that provide our minority and WBE suppliers with support and guidance to realize their fullest potential, such as:

  • Technical and managerial assistance through Toyota Supplier Support Center. Through TSSC, minorities and WBEs develop skills that enable them to implement elements of the Toyota Production System (TPS) into their organizations.
  • Site visits to minority and WBE facilities by the Toyota team to analyze strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies for sustainable growth as an outcome.
  • Mentorships that provide WBE and minority owners with insight and guidance from other successful diverse suppliers and/or members of Toyota’s Supplier Diversity team.
  • Structured networking and “matchmaking sessions” with existing Tier I suppliers during our annual Exchanges: Opportunity Exchange and Power of Exchange. These events provide direct access to Tier I suppliers with real business needs and opportunities.
  • Educational sessions held during Opportunity Exchange reinforce Toyota’s commitment to engaging minorities and WBEs in our business processes and serve as a resource for enhancing and developing the viability of their individual companies with practical tips for capacity-building and marketing themselves.